Els Ocellets

"The lord of the 8 arms"

"We stayed at" Els Ocellets "", called a group of children from the neighborhood of Sant Antoni in the 70s. While waiting for the rest, the children looked between admiring and amused, and with their noses glued to the window, the lord of the eight arms. The show was offered by the vigorous waiter who handled the eight handles of a coffee machine, as big as the bar itself.

May 30, 84. The restaurant "Els Ocellets" (Ronda de Sant Pau, 55) is inaugurated, under the direction of one of those young people who were fascinated by the window, Xavier Rodríguez.


The same service

"Ferran, do you have a table?"
“I am full. Go see my brother! ”

The store is created as an extension of Can Lluís and with the participation of Ferran Rodríguez and Ferran Agüir.

The cooperation between the two restaurants is evident from the beginning with the help of Júlia Ferrer (Can Lluís) and her sister Roser, leading the kitchen.

The sighs of women

Black and white floor, salmon wall and mirrors are a reflection of the modernity of the 80's. "Els Ocellets" quickly consolidated itself as one of the leading restaurants of the time. Its elongated dining room houses the farandulera explosion of the moment. The assistance of Vittorio Gassman, an icon of the gallant man, causes death on the tables.

The result of the constancy and loyalty of customers over time is, among other things, the well-known New Year's Eve celebration of "Els Ocellets", television broadcasts are witnessing the soirees of the place.

“6 double early mornings” and in addition “Melabuf”

The last customer leaves, tables ready for the next day, a review of the drinks, the end of an exhausting day, the tasting of pickled partridges or gargoyles still lingers.

Low lights, blinds down, whiskey on the table, two ice cubes per glass, eight people, Tuesday… The group led by “Javi” gathers around a table, this time for play. They look at each other, they study, they signal, they smoke, they smoke a lot, their eyes cross, some nervous gesture, someone loses, someone wins. Domino!

An idea begins to take shape in the most faithful tables of "Els Ocellets". In 1995, the “Melabuf” theater company was created, a curious group made up of friends and customers of the restaurant. Joan Faneca, member of Vol Ras, leads the group.

Els Ocellets

There are bets in the neighborhood. People stop at the corner of Ronda de Sant Pau. Neighbors and onlookers are entertained by looking out the window at the evolution of the works inside.

- Do you think they will finish it? - Not even a pussy in four weeks. - Look. They are changing the sign. I don't understand. What is? They look like legs, a beak (passes a child watching). - It is a bird and two smaller ones. - The Little Birds.

October 23, 2005. Els Ocellets opens the restaurant for the second time. Renovation of the premises. Kitchen renovation. The avant-garde is back.

Can Lluís ”founded in 1929; "Els Ocellets" founded in 1984
We continue to make friends ...

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